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[30 Jun 2005|08:11am]



just sounds like fun...
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[21 Oct 2004|12:20pm]

Ok, its about time to get this all out. Everyone out there who is/was a Fail Me Not fan, listen. I would really love to know if ANY of you have talked to Mike at all since we broke up... because none of US have. Not Chris, Jim, or me. We have tried, it doesnt work. The boy is totally ignoring us. Now make no mistake about it... at this point I do not WANT to talk to him. So dont any of you go and try to talk to him and be like, "Go talk to Cory, Mike!"... because I dont want that.

Let me tell you the real issue here. Im broke, and Mike owes me money, and it reaaaallllllllly sucks. Back before we recorded the Chain Reaction Year EP, we had to take out a loan to pay for it. I have good credit, so I got the loan... it was put in MY name. So yea, this loan was for $5000. We made an agreement that each of us would pay $100 a month until its paid off. Each person would give me their $100, and I'd add mine, and go to the bank and pay it.

So, each month came and went. We were a band for about 5 months after this started. So there were about 5 payments due during the time that we were a band. So in Mike's defence... while we were a band... he did actually pay every time. Chris did also. Jim... not a damn penny. (great)

So now, there is no more band. When Mike told me on the phone about how he didnt want to do this anymore... he said "Dont worry, Ill still pay you each month, I wouldnt screw you like that."

So the next month rolled around. I called him on his cel phone on a Wednesday. I said, I need your $100 because the payment is due on Saturday. He said, "I dont have the money right now, Ill go to the bank later and bring it to your house on Saturday". I thought, OK, Whatever.

Saturday came. I called his cel phone... he didnt pick up. I called a few more times... nothing. I left a message on his phone that day that said I needed the money, and to call me and tell me what was up.

So about 2 or 3 days passed.... nothing. I called again... he didn't pick up. I left ANOTHER message on his phone saying that because of him, our payment is now late... and it will CONTINUE being late until I get his money... because I didnt have the money to cover his $100.

Well guess what... I havent heard from him to this day. Its been like... how many months since we broke up? Hmmm, its been a full 2 months PUBLICLY... but we've been broken up for maybe 3 or 4. So thats how long its been since I've heard from him. Left 2 messages... nothing. He just doesnt care.

On a side note, Jim has tried calling him also. Mike still has Jim's guitar cabinet. Jim obviously wants it back. Hes called Mike a few times, and he doesnt answer. *Im so surprised* Rishi from The Spacepimps also has told me he's tried calling him, and IMing him online... with no response.

So anyway, thats that. The purpose of this entry isnt to try and get Mike to talk to me, and isnt to try and get his money. I know by now that both are impossible. The purpose is to let everyone out there know how much of an ass this boy is. Im willing to bet he doesnt talk to our old fans anymore... like me, Chris, and Jim do. (prove me wrong if you can) He hasnt updated his xanga since July. When we played our last show... he didnt practice at all, and fucked up every song. Basically, he just doenst care about us, the fans, or anyone else.... oh oh... except the kids at his school who he drinks with.... he probably cares about them.

p.s. Chris is the only one, besides me, who has made EVERY payment. Jim has not made ANY. Mike, well, you know.
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Fail Me Not, buh-bye [06 Sep 2004|03:35pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

As posted by me on the site news today,

Well I suppose the time has come to finally say it. Fail Me Not is breaking up, its offical. Some people knew about it already, but mostly only our close friends, families, and other bands that we are friends with. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, because every member of the band is going to have their own side of the story when regarding the break up. And since I (Cory) don’t want to be biased, I just won't talk about what I think. But anyway, everyone is going to wonder why its happening, so I'll say this: A band needs 100% commitment from every member to survive, and we didn't have that. Apparently not every member of the band cared as much as they originally showed. Every member of a successful band must be into the music, must be willing to do work, must be honest with other members of the band, and must keep promises made to other band members. We didn’t have all of that, and you need it. About playing shows, I don’t know if there is going to be any more. I personally wanted to organize an offical final show for us. I wanted to have all the bands we are great friends with get together with us one last time… probably at the Trexlertown Grange… and play one last show. I don’t know if its going to happen anymore. We will see I guess. In other news: guess whats finally done now that we are breaking up?! The Chain Reaction Year EP! We aren't going to pay to get it pressed, we are just going to be selling it for $5 with labels stuck on (just like the self-titled blue EP… only red this time). I suppose that’s all the news there is to tell. If we do organize a final show, I'll post it on the site of course. We love you guys, and we are sorry for this whole mess. Later everyone.

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This is for real [07 Aug 2004|06:43am]


Ill let everyone read that a couple times, get it through your system, scream out loud... whatever it is you feel.

#1. It sounds amazing, no one will be dissapointed.

#2. We have the final mixes now, and just need to get it pressed. What that means is, we need to send it somewhere to get the cds pressed with professional labels, have our insert printed, and sent back to us in shrink-wrapped jewel cases. So basically, we have to send it out to be copied and packaged. When will this happen? We dont know because we are POOR kids. Something like this costs about $1200... of which we have NOTHING lol. So basically... we need to sell lots of merch and make money.

Come to the croc rock show on sunday, august 22nd! Its all-ages, its $8... and me and chris can deliver your ticket. If you want to buy one... or a few... comment back here and we will set up a time to deliver. Please support us! We want lots of home-town kids at croc rock!

Later today i think im going to work on our new shirt. If i get it done ill post pics of it of course.

Well i gotta get to work, later everyone, love ya's
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hmm [06 Aug 2004|11:51pm]

I just felt like sharing that...


thats all <3
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Tired Kid [04 Aug 2004|06:42am]

[ mood | tired ]

Well its 6:32 am, im getting ready for work. I dont want to work... im tired.

Today our finished EP is supposed to be arriving at my house. Expect an overly-excited/surprised update here if that happens.

We've gotten an offer from a little indie label that wants to sign us, and pay for 2000 of our new EPs to be pressed. They want 50% of all profit in return, which isnt too bad since we have NO MONEY ourselves for pressing. The band is talking it over, and negotiating with this label.

I should be sending some of our 3 newer shirts to Trendy Winds today or tomorrow. They have a new site, everyone should go look. www.trendywinds.com

Me and Chris will be doing the delivering of the tickets this time. PLEASE COME TO OUR CROC ROCK SHOW ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 22ND!!!
If you want to go please email me... Cory@failmenot.com. If you want tickets, try and get some of your friends to come along with you. They could give you their money, and we could bring all of their tix plus yours to your house. If you get alot of friends to come with you maybe we can give you a free shirt or something in return.

Well I gotta go to work in 10 minutes. Ill update later today if we get our EP in the mail. (ill update right after I poop my pants)

Later kids, love ya's

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[29 Jul 2004|11:20am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Alright everyone. Listen to this. Dave (our producer) called from the studio today. He called because he needed me to tell me the track order on our EP (for the 4th time). I gave it to him. He said... get ready... he said THE EP IS DONE. He said that he is going to mail it to us tomorrow... and we will get it 2-3 days later. Lets hope thats true.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP [24 Jul 2004|03:02pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Alright everyone, we need your help again. First of all, we have a show on Sunday, August 22nd at Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. Its an all-ages show, and tickets are $8.00. Just like last time, we need to sell a ton of tickets. If you want to go, let us know… we WILL get you tickets somehow. Email Cory@failmenot.com and we will find a way to get you tickets. Also, we have been nominated for Best Punk Band of the Lehigh Valley in the 2004 Pulse Music Awards. The awards are held by Pulse Weekly, which is a big local music magazine in the Lehigh Valley. You can only vote by mail, and you may vote until September 8th. The voting ballots can be found in any new Pulse Weekly magazine… a new issue is released every week. CLICK HERE to find locations that distribute the magazine if you wish to vote for us. If you can, please vote! Thanks again to all of our amazing fans for supporting us. That’s all the news for now. Email us for tickets! Vote for us! Later everyone!

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[16 Jul 2004|07:15pm]

Hey guys! Just started the Cruisin' Music LJ today... saw you guys as I was browsing through other communities to add! Just wanted to say hello!
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HOME! [03 Jul 2004|04:59pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Holy crap we are home from tour!! Im sick like crazy... but im still in a great mood. I love being home, and being able to talk to our fans online... and knowing that the show on the 17th in trexlertown is going to be amazing. I cant wait to see our old-school fans again... i love em.

So, hmm...about tour. There was good and bad moments of course. I'll type some random thoughts.

Best 2 bands i saw on tour: Karmella's Game, and Zero to Sixty Never
Best place to eat on tour: Waffle House
Funniest thing said on tour: Anything Jim said
State where I had the most fun, with my favorite kids: Wisconsin
Coolest venue: Club 10, Springfield, IL
Worst drive of all time: Springfield, IL to Atlanta, GA (holy shit that was long)
Random cool thing: We played at the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis... which is where Story of the Year filmed their video for "Until the Day I Die"
3 places where a few people actually came to see US: Columbus OH, Racine WI, Springfield IL

Setting up a whole drumset every single night...and taking it all apart again a half hour later
Breaking equipment on tour
Getting caught in the worst rain storm ive ever seen in my entire life driving from Richmond VA to Baltimore MD. Hail and everything...it was like a movie....crazy.
Having to spend so much money on fast food/gas/hotels
Playing some shows with about 5 people
Missing my girlfriend
Worst 2 bands on tour: Dont know either of their names...but both of them were comprised of old men...one band sang "I did it, I want it, Ill do it again"....and another sang about having glue in their shoes. Watching these bands was absolute magic lol....we got em on tape...because everyone needs a laugh sometime. haha.

Well thats about all i can think of right now.

This just in: The studio told me that all the mixes for our new EP should be done in a week. Lets hope its true.

I may post more later...but im sick now...and need to rest.

Later kids! And thanks again for a good tour. Love yas.

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Slacker [27 Jun 2004|03:28pm]

I will update more tomorrow... Ive been too busy to come over to this house and use my computer! LOVE YOU KIDS!

BTW - its Mine & Cory's 3 month today... hehe
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The Mall Of America [23 Jun 2004|04:00pm]

[ mood | bored ]

The guys are currently having a field day... haha... we dont have cool things like that in PA.

When I called Cory last they were going into the Vans store... where, if you wanted it, you could buy a Vans couch.

The next show is in St. Louis... a 6 (I think) hour drive for them...

Keep thinking good thoughts!

<3 you kids!!

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Le Update [23 Jun 2004|12:03am]

St Paul was a small bar show... not a big crowd, but Cory said it was a rediculous sound system.... so thats cool. They also got food.

Tomorrow is a day of for everyone and the guys are going to The Mall of America... good times - then its off to St Louis, Springfield then Atlanta!

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Attention [22 Jun 2004|10:00pm]

Pure Volume Ratings

Total Views Pop Punk

Fail Me Not - 2
Space Pimps - 3
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Pop Punk - Pure Volume [22 Jun 2004|12:34am]

FMN is #8

#2 on total views
Space Pimps are #3
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tour update for today [22 Jun 2004|12:14am]

[ mood | amused ]

hahaha... how ironic? Im sitting here listening to el music when I hear something... Im like "Wow I know this song... wtf is it?" Then I hear Mike singing... heh... Lemme just say from listening to "old" stuff from the blue ep... the new one will rock your f'ing socks off kids... get those pre - orders in!


The boys played in Green Bay to a small crowd again... but hey, last nite's show rocked. They are now driving to MN all night.

Has anyone gone to see the tour thats on here? Im I updating anyone? Are you reading this?

Oh yea, aparently Brian (from the Space Pimps) is feeling better, hes been sick if anyone didnt know... keep sending him some feel good vibes!

Oh and PS
Again, listen to My American Heart

and Alkaline Trio... ahh hooray for all this music!

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Wisconsin! [21 Jun 2004|01:22pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey kids, its me again with a little update!

They guys played in Racine (I think) Wisconsin last night and from what Ive heard - those kids rock! Lots of shirts were bought... awesome... if you're a Wisconsin kid, you are now among my favorite people!

Tonite is a show in Green Bay... more chances for Wisconsin to show how cool it is!

If you're reading Brian's (from the Space Pimps) journal (www.xanga.com/briansp) you can see some pictures from shows and also see that he is sick - hope he gets better!

More updates later <3

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Trendy Winds... [20 Jun 2004|12:14am]

As you kids probobly know - Fail Me Not merch is available through Trendy Winds...

Have you checked out any other bands from TW? If not, then you really should - personal faves of mine are The Brodie Factor and Harbor Skyline...

Also keep checking out FMN on Purevolume - they were 10 on Pop-Punk today...

Keep being hardcore <3
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Amazing kids... [19 Jun 2004|11:41pm]

Go listen to My American Heart on Pure Volume... now... Im serious!

My American Heart
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Columbus Update [19 Jun 2004|11:19pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I didnt go to Columbus :( Instead Ive swapped it for Trexlertown and Baltimore.

Cory said the show was better than the one in Kent. There was a fan there who knew them, that rocks.

Tonite they are driving for a while, then sleeping... then driving more tomorrow to get to Wisconsin.

I told him that I was keeping you all updated and he said I was cool... rock. Cory thinks Im cool. :)

<3 u kids like mad!

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